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How to Create Flow & Inner Peace

Oct 16, 2018


How much of your day to you spend in ease and flow? With a sense of inner peace


If you’re like most women, very little.

There’s so much pulling us in different directions that we are constantly multi-tasking and trying to “get more done” and be there for everyone else’s needs.






I know that I can fall victim to this pretty easily as well. Between my three kids, husband, parents, friends, work, community and social commitments, life is very full.





I have learned over the years that nothing is more important than inner peace.

Not only does it feel good but it actually allows me to be more effective.


When my mind and soul are at peace, I am in a state of flow. Everything seems to work out, as if by magic, and amazing opportunities show up at every turn.


Have you ever experienced a state of flow? Imagine what it would be like to live in it all the time.


Here’s what I found helps to create flow and inner peace:


1. Focusing on the present moment

Our monkey minds want to relive the past or worry about the future. Learning to focus on the present moment allows us to just be where we are without anxiety.


The best way I have found to get into the present moment is to focus on physical sensations.

The breath going in and out of my body.

The feel of my clothing touching my skin.

Focusing on whatever bodily sensations I am experiencing brings me back to the here and now.

Try it a few times a day or every hour for extra flow and ease!




2. Accept what is


Whenever we fight reality, we suffer. Acceptance allows us to just be with what is and creates the space for creative solutions and change to come in. It doesn’t mean that we have to like whatever is going on, it just means that we accept it as what is happening right now.




3. Simplify your life

Our lives are way more complicated that they need to be. Choose to do less and have less. The pay-off is that you will enjoy your life much more. Activities and more stuff take up a lot of our energy. The more we make it a priority to focus on the few things that truly matter to us, the happier and more in the flow we will be.





So, what about you – what helps you have more ease and flow in your life?


As always, I love hearing from you so feel free to leave a comment below.

Happy Tuesday!



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