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Feb 13, 2018


Are you feeling exhausted and burned out? Is your life feeling completely out of balance?

I remember a time in my life when it was hard to find time to go to the bathroom alone.

I had young children, a business I was trying to get off the ground and friends I was trying to stay in touch with. Not to mention all the housework.

Oh, yes, and my marriage. We somehow had to fit in a date night every once in a while.

All this has changed. I now enjoy not only a thriving business but weekly date nights with my husband, outings out with each of my girls individually and at least two hours of daily self-care time for moi.

I know that while it may seem like an impossible task right now, YOU CAN HAVE BALANCE AND TIME FOR ALL THAT’S MOST IMPORTANT TO YOU IN YOUR LIFE.

This is why I’m so happy to bring you this week’s straight-talking unedited conversation on WOMEN LIVING PASSIONATELY: Honest Conversations with Women Who Are Making a Difference with Beth Larsen, a high-performance coach who specializes in business, bliss and balance.

Beth wholeheartedly believes that there is way more to life than work (and your never-ending to-do list) and that you can create a life that reflects all that is most important to you.

In our conversation, Beth shares how a health-related wake-up call led her to leave her 20+ year career in corporate sales, have her “Eat, Pray, Love” experience and create an authentic career and life that allows her to have it all!

You can sign up to watch or listen to the conversation here.

This conversation is so important! Beth is such a fantastic example of creating the life you love after 45 and living it up!

And she gives you great tools for doing it too!



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