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Building Resilience as a Family

Jul 7, 2020

“Don’t you feel completely out of place here?” my husband asked me last night, referring to our prolonged stay in an Airbnb in Southwestern Florida, far from our home in Bogota, Colombia.
“Not really”, I responded. “You know I just make wherever I am my home.”
He isn’t sure if this is a special ability that I have or a lack of attachment to any particular place, which I should heal.
It’s probably a bit of both. And ultimately, it’s also resilience.

I have a lot of trauma in my past. Childhood sexual, emotional, physical and substance abuse, as well as leaving my first homeland, the Soviet Union, in the height of the Cold War, to emigrate to the United States.

I didn’t have any closure. I couldn’t say goodbye to family or friends. We left my beloved grandmother, not knowing if we would ever see her again. It was definitely traumatic.

In adulthood, years of therapy and healing followed. Months spent curled up in fetal position crying as I watched a candle burn in the dark of winter.

As I now see my girls react to being unexpectedly far from home for so many months, some of my own past triggers come up to be healed.

My girls were raised to express their feelings and do so frequently. I know it’s healthy and exactly what I wanted for them, yet I sometimes get annoyed at all of their emotions. I find myself wanting them to suck it up and get on with it. To just make the best of it. We have a pool in this house in Florida and an idyllic beach10 minutes away, for God’s sake!

Then I realize that I’m expecting them to behave as I was expected to as a child: SUCK IT UP AND GET ON WITH IT.

When I feel that annoyance come up, I know it’s time to attend to my own inner child.

I close my eyes, take a deep breath and imagine myself at 8 years, the age I was when we left the Soviet Union. I talk to this 8-year old self and ask her how she feels and what she needs. She tells me how I scared she is leaving her homeland for the unknown. I listen. I comfort her.

We heal together.

I feel my compassion for my girls’ pain return. I listen to their feelings. I validate them. I feel like a good mama.

I would never want my girls to go through even 10% of the trauma I’ve lived through. Yet, I’m aware that all that trauma AND HEALING FROM IT has made me resilient.

I know for 100% sure that I can survive anything that life throws my way. It may be painful. It may bring me down to my knees. But it won’t break me. I have survived so much and I have thrived. I have learned so many tools along my journey.


They help me feel at home no matter where I am geographically.

I’m always at home within myself. I’m always at home in the Universe.

I wonder how resilient my girls will be. How do we become resilient without having to go through really hard stuff?

Then I realize, THEY ARE GOING THROUGH REALLY HARD STUFF RIGHT NOW. They are displaced, far from home, far from friends, far from pets. It’s hard.

And they are adapting. They are feeling and hurting and learning and growing.
All I can do is support them in the process. Hug them. Listen to them. Be there to hold their anger and pain. Even if it triggers me. Especially if it triggers me.

That’s how we grow together. That’s how we build resilience.

Somehow knowing that we’re building resilience gives special meaning to suffering and pain. We are going through the fire and coming out stronger, braver and more flexible. We are learning that we can survive and thrive in whatever life throws our way.
How about you? How are you building resilience in these challenging times?
You know I love hearing from you so feel free to leave a comment below or email me at natalie@nataliematushenko.com. I would love to know how the Havening Process is working for you.


Happy Tuesday!




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