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Sep 4, 2018



Dear Gorgeous Woman,

Have you ever had a dream that was so big that you were afraid to even say it out loud? Perhaps you think that it can’t possibly come true? But somewhere deep inside you think, maybe well just maybe?

I’ve had one of those for the past 20 years!

Ever since I left my career in international finance nearly 20 years ago (yikes!) and embarked on the path of following my heart’s calling, I wanted to open up a retreat center on some gorgeous tropical island, where amazing teachers and clients would come together from all over the world.

In my early 30’s the dream was powerful yet the needs of my growing family (and the need for a steady income) were even stronger.

Then at some point, I realized that I actually wanted to bring together amazing teachers and students from all over the world to learn from each other but I didn’t actually want to deal with the hassle of running the retreat center – the lodging, meals, etc.

My passion is personal growth and community not the hotel business.

And then sometime in the past couple of years as I hung out at a friend’s gorgeous mountain retreat center about an hour away from my house, I realized I could have the best of both worlds – an education company to help women create authentic success in all areas of their own lives on their own terms, both online and in person.

Yep, I don’t need to own a retreat center.

I can just use gorgeous spaces all over the world and not only teach my courses on finding your passion and purpose and manifesting financial abundance but bring together amazing world-class experts in everything from sexuality to parenting to transforming your most limiting beliefs about yourself (the stuff you’re ashamed of and won’t even say out loud).

Personal transformation, learning and growing – check

Being of deep service – check

Creating an amazing supportive global community – check

Flexible schedule that allows me to spend lots of time with my loved ones (which includes myself!) – check

Traveling the world and having adventures – check

Joy and fun on a daily basis – check

This new and improved version of my dream has all that I value and hold most dear.

And yet, something was holding me back from turning my dream into reality.

I won’t get into all the details here because this could turn into a novel but the #1 limiting belief I had was that I couldn’t be wildly successful and have the impact I want to have on millions of people and still be there for my children.

My parents both had high powered careers and I, an only child, pretty much raised myself. When I decided to have children, I promised myself that I would always put their needs first, always be there for every important moment in their lives and even the everyday moments, like when they get home from school.

I don’t regret that promise. I love the relationships I have with each of my girls. I love our lifestyle of traveling the world. And truth to tell, I personally never wanted to work “full time” on my business.

I always wanted to make an impact yet have time for myself and my family.

And yet, I felt deep in my heart that I could do more and be more. I have learned a lot from my life’s journey and I have a lot to share and give and teach.

And learn.

And I learned as we all often do – the hard way. Through health challenges and difficult relationship situations.

It was super tough at times and yet I felt like I was preparing myself for the next important step in my journey.

And then this summer, it all became crystal clear for me.

I have always tried to create community and my life’s work where I lived so as to be there as much as possible with the girls and it’s no longer enough for me.

I’m a citizen of the world. I feel at home just about anywhere. I love living in Bogota, Colombia and I love visiting friends and family in the US and I love traveling the world.

And I wasn’t born with this adventurous spirit and wild yearning in my heart for nothing.

There had to be a way to birth my dream of a global academy and be there for my family.

And it’s amazing how as soon as I got clear on that, the Universe began to conspire to make it happen.

I was invited to co-create several interesting offerings in Australia with amazing healers in January where we will be on vacation as a family (more on that as the details become clearer).

I was invited to teach a Materialize Your True Value workshop near Santa Marta, Colombia, in a beautiful finca right on a gorgeous Caribbean beach in October.

I’m cooking up an offering in San Francisco in January.

And there are many interesting possibilities and collaborations emerging right here in Bogota where I live.

I hired a dear friend to be my bi-lingual community manager. 

All this in addition to my gorgeous clients who are spread out all over the world (and here in Bogota).

I’m still working out my vision. I still don’t have a name for this academy. I have no idea what all the details are going to look like.

All I know is that it’s time to drop all of the excuses and bring my dream to fruition.

I’m trusting that I will be led.

I’m trusting that all that happens on this journey, even the hard and scary stuff, will help me become the person I need to be to fulfill my life’s mission.

I’m letting go of the silly details and excuses. I can just start the academy, even without a great name. I have 17 years of experience teaching, coaching and writing and many more years of life experience. I walk my talk. That’s enough for now.

And I repeat my affirmations every morning and every chance I get:

“I can do this.”

“I’m enough.”

“It’s ok to shine.”

“The Universe always has my back.”

“It’s my birthright to shine.”

And as I do, way opens.

I share this with you to remind you that you don’t have to have it all perfectly figured out.

You just have to uncover your dream and bring it to life.

It will get difficult at times. It will get messy.

It will also be glorious and the best, most fulfilling adventure of your life.

So what about you? What’s your secret dream? What’s the step you can take towards it TODAY?

Happy Tuesday!



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