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Do You Love Being a Woman?

Mar 7, 2018


Happy International Woman’s Day!!! It’s happening this week on Thursday, March 8th and I declare that it should be International Woman’s Week!

This is a point that hits home particularly hard for me. While I was raised in a semblance of semi-equality – my mom and grandmother had serious careers and in my house, whoever got home first would start dinner – I still remember all the sexist comments made by the men (“Women talk too much”, etc.) and the women (“You can’t trust other women”, “Women are jealous and petty”) in my family.

I was raised to be successful in the masculine world and truth to tell, I always tried to be “one of the guys” and to be the son my father always wanted. It took years of therapy and women’s circles for me to fall in love with being a woman.

It was a HUGE part of my healing journey.

At this point in my life and as a mother of three girls, I can’t imagine not loving being a woman. The love, support and encouragement I have received over the years in women’s communities have healed me and nourished me in profound ways.

I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be the person that I am or have the life that I do where it not for the wise women who held me, supported me and loved me through my pain, my self-doubts, my insecurities and ultimately, my triumphs.

I have seen firsthand the changes that come about from women working together and helping each other rebirth ourselves into the goddesses we are meant to be, confident in our power, beauty, strength, and dare I say it, sexuality.

So, I ask you –

How do you feel about being a woman?

Are you confident in your power, beauty and strength?

Do you have the life that you most desire?

Are you living your passions and purpose?

Do you have a community of supportive, inspiring, wise women to hold your hand and guide the way?

If not, what’s getting in the way? And how can you change it?

The answers to these questions will change your life.


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