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Ever Doubt Your Parenting Skills?

Oct 31, 2017


Ever doubt your parenting skills?

Welcome to the tribe…

I don’t think there’s a person alive who doesn’t.

I know I have many, many moments when I feel like a failure as a mom… when I say the absolutely wrong thing or lose it and yell or wonder if I’m doing enough or too much or doing it right.

And then, I listen to the wise words of my parenting coach, Bonnie Harris, and I am a more patient, loving mom… the kind of mom that I’m proud to be.

In fact, right after I recorded the video with Bonnie which I will be sharing this week on WOMEN LIVING PASSIONATELY: Honest Conversations with Amazing Women Who Are Living Their Passions and Purpose, I went downstairs to for dinner to find my family in an uproar.

My middle daughter was really upset about something and was acting it out big time! She was really disrespectful and my husband was at his wit’s end. My oldest wasn’t helping the situation by egging on her already upset sister and my youngest was clowning around to get attention in the middle of the mayhem.

My husband, who had been dealing with the situation for half an hour while I was chatting with Bonnie, just looked at me and said, “Please handle this. I can’t anymore.”

I had no clue what to do but something inside me was inspired to just get curious, to just ask my daughter how she felt. She was angry and yelling and making no sense, to be honest, but somehow I didn’t get hooked at all. I just stayed open and curious and validated her feelings.

And something magical happened. My daughter calmed down. She felt heard. She came up with her own solution to her problem. She even laughed.

My husband was super impressed (and he is not easily impressed!) but I felt like I didn’t do much… I was simply there, open and curious.

And that’s the power of talking to a wise woman like Bonnie Harris, a child behavior and parenting expert and counselor, mama of 2, and author of two great parenting books. She reminds me how to stop trying to “be a perfect parent” and “just be” trusting my inner knowing to guide me.

So, if you ever struggle with parenting, I invite you to watch or listen to this week’s honest conversation here starting tomorrow. You don’t have to sign up. It’s my gift to you for being part of my community.

In this straight talking unedited video, Bonnie not only gives you hard won tips for being the best parent you can possibly be but also talks about her painful journey of letting go of her passion for acting to uncover her bigger purpose as a mom and a parenting educator. She also shares about finding her voice after a difficult childhood.

Bonnie is AMAZING and you don’t want to miss this!

Sign up to watch or listen here.

Happy Halloween!


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