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Are You In Love With Your Body?

Nov 7, 2017


Are you in love with your body?

I have to confess – I’ve had a pretty good relationship with my body overall.

Sure, in high school, I thought my hips were too big and my calves weren’t defined enough.

Lol. My 40-something self really chuckles at that.

How sad that I didn’t appreciate how beautiful I looked back then.

But that’s the sad truth – we women are often so hard on ourselves and so critical of our looks.

We don’t appreciate our bodies for the amazing, beautiful MIRACLES that they are.

Ironically, now that my hips are even bigger and my calves… I don’t even pay enough attention to my claves to describe them… I don’t really care.

I FEEL BEAUTIFUL (you have no idea how much personal growth work it took to get here!), I’m proud of my body (it birthed 3 kids naturally and nursed them for years!) and I’m just happy that everything works!


That’s why I’m so excited to share with you this week’s conversation on WOMEN LIVING PASSIONATELY: Honest Conversations with Amazing Women Who Are Living Their Passion & Purpose my straight-talking unedited conversation with Nina Manolson, a Psychology of Eating and Holistic Health Coach and relationship counselor for women and their bodies.

Nina talks about how she overcame her war with her body and learned body love and now teaches it to women over 40. She also got real about the mindset obstacles she has had to overcome to learn self-acceptance.

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Here’s what we talked about:

·     How Nina’s war with her body was the path to her purpose (2:00)

·     Moving from an “outside in” to an “inside out” relationship with your body (4:20)

·     The role of community in developing a great relationship with your body (10:08)

·     The importance of having a team and not having to do it all (15:00)

·     How nourishing yourself leads to body love (22:25)

·     Retraining her brain to overcome “compare and despair” (29:10)

This conversation was so good that I couldn’t help but go over in time. It’s 43 minutes long and totally worth it! It will give you lots of ideas, tips and tools you can use to connect to your body and learn to love it even more.

Nina also generously shared her Body-love Map to inspire and support you in creating a powerful, positive and pleasurable relationship with your body. Take advantage of this gift! You’ll find it in the resources section in the video page.

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Happy Halloween!


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