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Are You Financially Fit?

Dec 6, 2017



Are you financially fit? Do you have financial abundance?

I have a huge confession to make: despite earning a degree in finance from Wharton, a top business school, and working in project finance, for years I didn’t want to deal with money and my own finances.

I didn’t even balance my checkbook.

As long as there was enough money coming in to live how we wanted to live and a healthy savings, I preferred to just let my husband handle the “money details”.

It turns out that if you don’t take care of the money you have, the Universe is reluctant to send you more and so for years, I struggled to make money in my coaching business.

This didn’t feel good.

I didn’t like living off of what my husband earned.

I was raised to make my own way in the world.

So, I started taking responsibility for our finances. I started paying attention to how much we had and where and took over many bill paying, investing and credit card monitoring responsibilities.

It was a pain-in-the-butt, tedious chore at first but I made myself to do it because I knew it was good for me.

And it was! It was so freaking empowering!

And the money started coming into my coaching business! 6-figures in 6 months and then more…

The more I took responsibility for the money in my life, the more the Universe sent my way and I can’t begin to tell you how empowering it felt to watch my own personal savings grow. (My mother taught me that a woman must ALWAYS have her own savings in her own name.)

This is why I’m so happy to bring you this week’s straight-talking unedited conversation on WOMEN LIVING PASSIONATELY: Honest Conversations with Women Who Are Making a Difference with Sara Chevere, the Creator and Founder of The Financially Fit Women who helps women, couples, and entrepreneurs to become financially fit by teaching them about money. 

Sara has been in the finance and mortgage Industry for over 17 years.  She loves to talk about money and her mission is to educate and empower you to have the confidence to achieve freedom from financial constraints.

What I love about Sara is that she tells it like it is.

And I want you to hear it because I love you and I know it will be good for you to hear it.

Think of it as tough love! With a big hug at the end….

You can sign up here to watch or listen to this conversation.

And you can join Sara’s upcoming FREE financial challenge to help you get financially fit. It’s an invaluable resource!

Happy Tuesday!


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