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Are You an Approval Addict?

Oct 27, 2017


Are you an approval addict?

I didn’t think that I was until I took Amy Pearson’s course several years ago and realized that I was a perfectionist, a type of approval addiction. As in, if only I’m perfect and do everything perfectly, I won’t be ___________ (criticized, judged, fill in the blank) and I will be liked and loved.

Sobering realization.

Yet empowering too. It made me see my perfectionism in a new light.

It was no longer a “good fault to have” (like the answer you give in job interviews when they ask you what your biggest fault is… “Oh, I’m a perfectionist”, you answer. “I just can’t stop until I get it right.”)

All of the sudden, I could see my perfectionism for the insidious, joy robbing, anxiety inducing, people pleasing personality trait that it was.

And I could start changing it. Which I did! And I’m so thankful that I did because running an online business has been one technological snafu after another. My former perfectionist would have been beside herself. The “recovering perfectionist” me just shrugs her shoulders and gets on with it. I don’t even feel bad!

Anyway, fast forward to a few months ago and Amy came to my rescue again.

I was dealing with some sleep and anxiety issues and she showed me the essential oils I could use to feel better asap. And they worked like magic!

I share all this with you because I’m so excited that Amy Pearson will be my guest this week on WOMEN LIVING PASSIONATELY: Honest Conversations with Women Who Are Living Their Passion & Purpose.

This Wednesday, I will make available my straight-talking unedited conversation with Amy Pearson, a Master Certified life coach, an essential oil evangelist and a former approval addict, now addicted to success.

If you haven’t already, you can sign up to watch (or listen to) the conversation here.

By signing up, you’ll also get access to other conversations with amazing women who are all living their passion and purpose and making a huge impact in the world.

In this week’s conversation, Amy talks about her journey of letting go of her fear of judgement and needing approval from others so that she could embrace herself as she is and authentically pursue her purpose. She also shared how her passions have evolved over the years towards self-actualization and coaching and most recently to using pure plant based essential oils to heal herself and her family.

This conversation will inspire you TO BE YOU and give you tips and tools you can use to get healthy naturally. Plus, Amy generously shares a link so you can access her webinar “Essential Oils and Emotions (For Empaths, Sensitives and Introverts)”. You don’t want to miss this!

Sign up to watch or listen here.

Happy Tuesday!


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