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Always Put Your Own Oxygen Mask on First

Jan 29, 2019


Are you totally overwhelmed with stuff to do after the holidays?

Or just plain too busy again?


I came back from an amazing  month in Australia and visiting family in California to:

       – No gas in our apartment so no cooking or hot water.

            – A leak in the ceiling and the subsequent need to have workers open up our              

              concrete ceiling and the mess that was generated.

                 – Tons of work in my business as I kick off the new year (very exciting stuff

                     coming up!).

                      – My middle daughter starting a new school (which meant a half day to sign

                          her up, get a uniform, new school supplies).

Two adorable new kittens (who are getting into everything and are pretty much like having 2 new babies).

                                – My 8-year old at home because school doesn’t start for 2 more weeks (!!!).

                                     – Unpacking, laundry, groceries, household stuff!

                                          – My husband leaving on a business trip the day after we got home.

Add to that jet lag and my perimenopausalhormonal fluctuations with symptoms that keep me up all night and I was quickly in stress mode and anxiety.

My natural response to stress mode and anxiety is to do, do, do more so I can stay on top of everything.

This quickly leads to major overwhelm.

So this time, I did something that doesn’t come quite as naturally to me.

I rescheduled everything that was not 100% essential for a couple of days.


Client and work appointments. Unpacking the suitcases. Phone calls to family and friends. I called a friend who I had invited over for a bbq with her family and suggested that we meet at a restaurant.

I started to feel like I could breathe again.

Then I scheduled a session with my healer, a massage and made sure to meditate every day.

I started to feel like all was well in my world. I would get everything done once I got to it. Taking care of me was a priority. All the non-essential stuff could wait.

I relearned the lesson I have been learning my entire life as a mom, ALWAYS PUT ON YOUR OXYGEN MASK FIRST.

What about you? How do you cope with overwhelm and a huge to-do list? Do you put your oxygen mask on first? If not, what would your life be like if you did?


I would love to hear from you and create more community so leave a comment below or reach out to me by email at natalie@nataliematushenko.com.

Happy Tuesday!





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