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5 Steps to Create Abundance This Spring

Mar 20, 2018


It’s almost Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and I’m giddy even though I now live in a place without seasons.

Spring has always been my favorite time of year. I lived in Washington DC for many years and the end of March signaled the beginning of warmth and every shade of green breaking through the Earth.

By April, the cherry blossoms bloomed and the whole area was pregnant with green and flowers and optimism. I found myself eager to get outside and was just happy most of the time. And I swear so was everybody else around me.

I also found myself wanting to spring clean, getting rid of the material and psychological dust and heaviness of Winter, and joyfully plan my own rebirth.

Questions like, “What do I most want in my life now?” and “How can I make more money while working less?” naturally sprang to my mind. (Who can possibly resist thinking about working less when the weather turns beautiful?)

It seemed like the abundance of lush nature all around me inspired me to dream big, make plans and believe in possibility and abundance in a way that was sometimes difficult in colder, darker months.

I later learned that throughout time, people have gathered in March for the Spring Equinox to honor the Goddesses, Spring and rebirth. It has been a long -standing part of ancient traditions that most of us have lost touch with.

What I have learned over the years is that the more intentional we become about putting out into the Universe what we most want – through rituals, declarations, intention settings, visualizations – the more likely we are to take action to make it happen and the more likely the Universe is to do its part and send us the inspiration, resources and support that we need.

So as we enter the Spring equinox this week, I invite you to do 5 things that can help you create more abundance in your life (and perhaps even leave you feeling reborn):

1. Clean out anything that no longer serves you. Clean your closet and donate, give away or throw out anything that is ripped, torn, doesn’t fit or that you plain old no longer like. Don’t save it for the future or for when you lose those 10 pounds. Just let it go. The Universe abhors a vacuum and as you get rid of what no longer works for you, you create room for what you want and love (abundance!) to come into your life.

The same goes for the rest of your house, office and all the other spaces you inhabit. If it’s chipped, broken, torn or you just don’t like it, get rid of it. Replace it with fresh cut flowers, aromatherapy, beautiful candles or anything else that fills your soul and makes you smile.

2. Clean out your emotional baggage. Is there anybody you are upset with? Anything you are angry, afraid of or sad about? Anything you need to forgive? Is there a relationship in your life that needs closure? There is no better time than the present to do the emotional work to heal, learn and let go. All unresolved issues and situations suck our energy and keep us from experiencing true abundance. That’s why it’s so important to process them and do what you need to do to be at peace, whether it’s to have a difficult conversation with somebody or do a forgiveness exercise.

3. Express Gratitude. The more you focus on what you are grateful for in your life, the better you feel and the more abundance you attract. So keep a gratitude journal and write down the 5 things that you are grateful for every day, ask yourself “What can I be grateful for right now?” at least 3 times every day, and express gratitude freely by thanking everyone you can for everything they do, from your husband who helped you put away the dishes to your kids who cleaned up their plate to the grocery store employee who bagged your groceries. Gratitude is contagious! Plus, the more you express gratitude, the more people want to do things for you. (I’m talking about your husband/partner or kids here.)

4. Get clear on what you want. What do you most want to create in your life? What does your ideal living, work or relationship situation look like? How do you want to feel in your body, mind and spirit? What do you want to do in your free time? How much money do you want to have to be able to live the lifestyle that you want? Get specific. The clearer you get, the more likely you are to take action to make it happen and to attract it into your life.

It’s actually really important to this exercise regularly. I do it every single day! I envision and feel into what I want my ideal like to look like as part of my morning practice. Is it any surprise that I’m living a life that fees 90-95% ideal on most days?

Once you’re clear on what you want, get creative. Make a vision board. Write a letter to a dear friend that begins with “My life is so amazing…..” and read it to yourself every day. Draw it. Sculpt it. Dance it. The more you engage your creativity and your senses, the more you will be able to FEEL how amazing your ideal life would be and the more you will attract it and be motivated to take the action steps to make it happen.

5. Celebrate your life, yourself, your rebirth. Do something that makes you feel great. Take a walk in nature, really savoring the sights and smells all around you. Eat a delicious meal that feels great for your body. Throw a party with all of your favorite people. Make an altar to represent all of what’s most sacred to you in life. Dance. Laugh. Revel in the joy of being alive!

Happy Spring!



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