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3 Ways to Quickly Get Out of a Funk!

Aug 15, 2017



I woke up this morning feeling like crap. Tired, unmotivated, pessimistic.
It was gray and gloomy outside. The events in Charlottesville were heavy on my heart and mind. I got into a fight with my two older girls trying to get them out of the house on time for school. I was still tired and jet lagged. My to-do list was a mile long.
I was definitely wishing I was back on vacation in the Ukraine.
I know myself. I know that coming back from an amazing trip and settling back into “real life” with 3 kids challenges me. The busy schedules, the routines, the driving around, the unexpected hiccups. (We came back to a broken hot water heater. Taking cold showers in 50 degree morning weather hasn’t been that much fun.)
Don’t get me wrong, my life is amazing! I get to do work that I love. I have an amazing family.
And I get to get out of the daily routines by traveling every couple of months!
I am seriously fortunate.
And yet, even with all that abundance, I can get into a funk.
And then I feel guilty about it. With all the great stuff in my life, how can I be feeling yucky?
The guilt only adds to the funk.
Luckily, I have learned over the years how to get myself back to glass-half-full quickly and I share it with you because it may help you too. Here’s what I do:
1.     Practice Self-care – I’m always a huge fan of self-care but never is it more important than when you are feeling like crap or even just slightly funky. As soon as the kids were off to school today, I did:

– a loving kindness/gratitude/forgiveness/visualization for where I want to be in 3 years/intention setting for the day exercise (7 min)

– Healing code (6 min)

– Cardio/ ab strengthening/ and yogic stretching while listening to a spiritual money class on my phone (40 min)

– Meditated after asking the Universe to send me answers to some pressing issues we are dealing with and inspiration. Happy to report that the Universe delivered! It always does. (20 min)

I invested an hour and 13 minutes in my self-care and the pay-off was that I started to feel a lot better. I was hopeful and optimistic again!
Plus, the Universe threw in some good news about a professional project I’m excited about. It never fails. As soon as I feel better, the Universe does its part and sends positive stuff my way.
2.     Focus on Gratitude – The 1 minute I spent focusing on Gratitude as part of my self-care routine had the biggest pay-off of all in improving my mood. Try it! It’s magic. All you do is think of, or better yet write down, 3 things in your personal life, 3 things in your professional life and 3 things about who you are (smart, determined, compassionate, wise, etc.) that you are grateful for. It’s that simple! And guaranteed to lift your spirits.
3.     Be of Service – After the self-care, I was feeling pretty darn good and ready to coach my clients. The work – connecting with my amazing clients deeply, helping them have major aha’s, making a plan of action that left them inspired and motivated – was such a gift to me! There is nothing like being of service and helping others (and ok, I’ll admit it, hearing how much our sessions helped and made a difference) to make me feel great!
So what about you? What helps you get out of a funk? What helps you turn glass-half-empty to glass-half-full? How can you be of service?
I would love to hear from you so leave your comments and thoughts below.
In loving service,


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