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3 Questions to Master Knowing Yourself

May 22, 2017

The key to living a passionate and purposeful life is to become a master at knowing yourself.

What excites you, enlivens you, brings you joy?  What has you jump out of bed excited for the day ahead? The idea is to incorporate more and more of whatever this is into your life.

Conversely, who or what drains you and suck you dry? We want to eliminate these as much as possible.

What are your strengths? Gifts? Talents? You want to use these as much as possible on a daily basis. It will feel good, REALLY good.

What’s important to you and has deep meaning for you (not family, friends, society, but YOU)? This is the key to feeling like you are living YOUR PURPOSE.

Let me tell you about my amazing client Alejandra. She is a super smart, soulful high-achiever who had all that society and her family expected of her: a long-term marriage with two thriving kids, a high-powered career, a fit body and lots of friends. She felt like something was missing but there was never enough time or energy to figure out what it was.

Then in her early forties, Alejandra started experiencing some troubling physical symptoms and went through months of medical testing. She was told that she probably had a very serious cancer. 

There’s nothing like a potentially deadly disease to make a person wake up! Alejandra stopped all that she was doing and started really looking at her life. She realized that she was living everybody else’s version of success and not her own.

The cancer diagnosis came back negative but the whole ordeal had served its purpose: Alejandra saw what was missing in her life and couldn’t just pretend that everything was fine anymore. She felt an inner calling to go deep within and create a life that reflects who she is.

She started doing some serious personal transformation work to discover who she is and what she loves. She divorced her husband and together, they figured out a way to co-parent their children lovingly ​​​and respectfully. She quit her high powered yet soul sucking job to give herself the time and space to heal and figure out what future she wanted to create. She was living off of savings yet she trusted that she needed to follow this path. She met the love of her life. She began singing and recording music, a lifelong dream, yet something she was always afraid to do.

It was around that time that Alejandra took me up on my offer of a complimentary coaching consultation and we began working together. Her goal was to figure out how to turn her many passions, skills and talents into meaningful project that makes a big difference in the world while creating a healthy income stream to support her desire to live a great life, travel and provide her children with all the opportunities available to them. 

Within a couple of weeks of working together, Alejandra was able to see her life’s mission: to create a learning community for female leaders to deepen and integrate their feminine and masculine sides so as to be even more effective agents of change in the world, and to help transform global consciousness.

​​It was amazing how quickly it happened! Since then, everything has fallen into place. The project took shape and grew quickly. Alejandra attracted collaborators and support and quickly created a large and involved community of women. She is about to launch her first deep transformation program for female leaders.

To top it all off, Alejandra was able to transform some deeply ingrained limiting beliefs about money and low and behold, she manifested her ideal part-time job. It’s fun and rewarding and allows her financial security (even abundance!) while she works on her passion project. 

​​Alejandra is truly happy and feels like she is living the life she was meant to live. She is passionate about her work and her music is thriving. She is also marrying her soul mate in June and I am happy to be invited to the wedding. (Learn more about Alejandra and her passion project at https://www.musas.co)
I share Alejandra’s story with you to illustrate a very important point: as you get to know yourself deeply and structure your life to reflect YOU, you create a joyful and fulfilling life. This is a process of taking the time to discover new and important things about yourself and take action to incorporate these discoveries in your life. 

​​AND this is the most exciting and fulfilling journey you can embark on!

What can be better than living a life where you do what you love and use your talents and special strengths to make a difference in the world?

​Are you ready to start the process? 

​Just pull out your journal or paper and pen and answer the following questions:

1.   What do you love doing so much that you don’t even notice the passage of time? That you would do it for free?

2.   What would your friends or clients say are your top 3 strengths? (If you don’t know, ask them. Seriously, email at least 5 friends/clients right now and ask them.)

3.   What would you want your eulogy to say? This is one of the most profound exercises you can do. What do you want to be remembered for?

Congratulations! You have taken a huge first step and have set incredible forces in motion… you’re on your way!

Join me next week for Step #2.

And let’s get to know each other. Leave your thoughts and comments below. I would love to hear from you!


P.S. I have a few spots opening up in June for 1:1 coaching to help you figure out how to turn your passions, gifts and strengths into a successful business or passion project. All while creating an extraordinary life. If you want to apply for one of these spots, fill out an application for a complimentary consultation to see if we are a good fit to work together.

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