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10 Minute Practice to Change Your Life

Feb 5, 2018


I’ve missed you guys! Don’t get me wrong. I have really appreciated your loyal support and enthusiasm for the interview series, but I have missed connecting with you through my writing and hearing back from you.

So I decided to take this week off from the interview series and just say “Hi”.

How is 2018 treating you?

I’m having a fabulous year so far – I have my hormones under control and am feeling great!

I also have an exciting new business venture brewing to bring sacred feminine empowerment to women throughout South America and the world (more on that later). So exciting!

And I’m already planning our travels for 2018… so far on the roster is skiing, beach time, and reconnecting with friends and family in the US this Spring; then heading off to Estonia, the Baltics and France in the Summer; more family beach time and celebrating my Dad’s 80th in Florida in the Fall and off to Australia next Winter. Plus, we will hopefully squeeze in a couples’ trip with my hubby to the Galapagos in April.

Somebody, pinch me. LIFE IS GOOD!

And the best part is that it has all felt so effortless.

I have been studying energy systems for years now but this year, I have decided to take it up a notch. I am spending time each day to clear my energy field to receive pure source energy abundance and it is paying off big time!

Everything is just flowing and coming to us so easily. I just set my intentions and ask Source Energy to remove any obstacles to what I want, clear my energy field so I can match the energy of abundance, and voila, everything just works out beautifully,

I’m so excited about this practice that I wanted to share it with you… so you too can remove any obstacles to all of the ABUNDANCE THAT’S WAITING FOR YOU!

Click here to follow me as I lead you through this 10-minute practice. I guarantee that it will change your life!

I would love to hear from you how this practice is working for you! Do it for a week daily and then check in with me with the results by replying to this email.

I can’t wait to hear what you have manifested and created!

Happy Tuesday!


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