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The #1 Thing to Get Through Any Crisis

Jul 5, 2017

As you know the past month has been really tough for me. Not only did my dad have a stroke during emergency open heart surgery but we had a Melanoma scare with our 14-year-old daughter.

That was terrifying.

There’s nothing like something happening to one of my girls to make me doubt how strong I really am. Could I really handle it?

I didn’t write about that. Putting it in words felt like I would make it real and give it way too much power.

Instead I got a second opinion. And took her to all her medical appointments. And got that mole removed within a week.

The pathology report came back with some irregular cells but thankfully was not yet Melanoma.

I breathed a huge sigh of relief and the same day got the call from my mom about my dad’s surgery.

On to the next emergency…

Life is like that. Isn’t it? We never know what’s coming next.

The one thing I do know is that to thrive in life and to survive any crisis, SELF CARE IS A MUST!

No matter how busy you get, it’s non-negotiable.

In fact, the crazier life gets, the more important self-care is.

Even in crisis.

Especially in crisis.

So what does good self-care look like?

It’s simple: do something for your body, mind and spirit EVERY SINGLE DAY.

In my case, I exercise, mediate and do some healing code every day.

It takes about an hour each day. And I always try to do it first thing in the morning BEFORE I do anything else.

It’s non-negotiable. It keeps me stable and feeling like I can handle anything.

If I start skimping on the self-care on the other hand, I quickly feel off center and overwhelmed. I get sucked into the fear and negativity that’s around me in crisis time (and often in non crisis times).

Can you relate?

So I never skimp… no excuses.

Physical exercise is the top priority for me. A good sweat works wonders! In Colombia, I work out at the gym. In Florida, while with my parents, I swam every day before heading to the hospital. When traveling, I powerwalk, hike, do some yoga.

​​Whatever it takes to move my body.

You can always find a way to move your body.

​​How do you move your body?

Same goes for mind and spirit.

You can literally mediate anywhere. In hotel rooms, planes, hospital rooms. All you have to do is close your eyes and focus on your breath.

And working with your mind?

Whether it’s the healing code or the Emotional Freedom Technique or the Work by Byron Katie or journaling or just catching yourself in negative thought patterns and turning them around to more empowering ones… YOU CAN DO IT ANYWHERE!

Yes, it takes some discipline but the pay-off is huge.

You will be calmer, centered and have way more bandwidth to handle any crisis with grace.

What self-care is a must for you? What would you like to incorporate into your life?

I would love to hear from you… write the answers to these questions below and let’s connect!




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