§ We came to this world to LIVE OUT LOUD.

The Joys of Furry Love

Truth to tell, I have always been more of a dog person but we travel so much that I just didn’t think it was fair to a dog to bring it into our home

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How to Find the Time & Motivation for Self-Care

Lately, I have been resisting my morning energy clearing routine. Even though I know better. Even though I know that not only do I feel better but everything in my life flows better when I take the time to clear my energy and set my intentions for the day.

Even though it only takes 5 minutes!!!
Can you relate? Do you not take time you need to feel your best?

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What Your Body Is Telling You

Do you have a sense that there’s more to your health challenges or aches and pains than just the physical symptoms?

That perhaps your body is trying to tell you something?

I am a big believer that our bodies talk to us. In fact, I believe they are often much more straight-forward and honest with us than our minds are.

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