What if 2021 could be the best year of your life?

You’ve wanted to live with passion and zest for years.


You’ve wanted to find your purpose.


You’ve wanted to create an extraordinary life.


Yet you’ve watched the years go by with nothing really changing.

And now there’s a pandemic going on!

So here’s how I see it – you can worry about current circumstances and an uncertain future or you can take charge of your life and make 2021 the year that you finally start living the life you’ve always dreamed of! (Yes! Even in these challenging times!)

To help you do that and as a thank you for being in my tribe, I want to give you a special gift – an invitation to my absolutely FREE Masterclass: Live Your Passion & Purpose (regardless of circumstances) in 2021!

Join us and let’s make this the year that you start creating your extraordinary life!



In this masterclass, you’ll:


👉 Learn my simple yet effective 7- step process to uncover your passion & purpose and the 5 key habits to create an extraordinary life


👉 Gain clarity on your passions, purpose and life vision


👉 Uncover what would make your life a “10” in every area


👉 Identify what’s getting in the way of creating what you want in your life so you can stop the self sabotage

👉 Learn the #1 way to become easily inspired and motivated to take consistent action throughout the year

 👉 Walk away with a concrete plan to start living your passion & purpose


Join the FREE Live Your Passion & Purpose in 2021 (regardless of circumstances) Masterclass!

*** Even if you can’t join the class live, you’ll still get the link to the video recording and benefit from my tools and strategies to live your passion & purpose in 2021!

I’m doing what I love because of Natalie!

She was the catalyst who supported me in discovering my passion for teaching children after many years as a corporate executive… By working with Natalie, you will be making positive changes in your life (if you are willing to do the work!).  You will feel motivated and inspired and you will realize your dreams. Natalie accepts you where you are, supports you in discovering your passion, uncovering roadblocks and cheering you on as you knock them down on your way to a more fulfilling life. She’s an inspiring catalyst!

Amy S.

Teacher and Artist

Such an incredible course! I loved it!

It really helped me get grounded in my strengths, gave me direction and helped me create amazing goals and vision for my life. Thanks for being amazing and sharing your wealth of information Natalie!

Danor Padden

Owner, Four Doves Wellness

This is the best gift you can give yourself to create the life you really want!

Natalie is the best combination of business edge, ability to distill life to the essential and generosity. Knowing and working with Natalie through the years is and has been a transformative experience. She is instrumental in inspiring me to raise my game, think big, access and materialize my gifts while keeping it simple. I am so grateful for Natalie, and so happy that she is bringing her gifts out into the world on a bigger platform so that you have access to her!”

Lisa Wolcott


About Natalie Matushenko, PCC, CPCC

Hi! I’m an expert in helping you find your purpose, create abundance and turn your passions into a lifestyle. I’m a certified leadership and co-active coach, co-author of the #1 Amazon best seller Ignite Conscious Leadership book, Ivy League University and top business school graduate (Wharton) and adventurer. Over the past nearly twenty years, I have helped thousands of soulful go-getters make a huge impact in the world while taking radically good care of themselves and creating lives they love.