In this masterclass, you’ll:

✓ Take a 10-minute quiz to uncover your unique money personality

✓ Learn how to use your unique money personality to mine your strengths with money and overcome challenges to create more abundance in your life

✓  Uncover how to get in alignment with money, relationships, business/career and life 

Are you tired of not having enough money to do what you want to do?

Are you a Nurturer? Ruler? Or Alchemist? A Romantic? An Accumulator? Or a Maverick?

These are some of your Sacred Money Archetypes and they determine your money personality – how you make money, how you save money, how you invest money and accumulate wealth and how you manifest abundance.

They also play a huge role in your relationships as you tend to attract partners whose dominant archetypes are the opposite of yours and then argue about money, lifestyle, career choices… you get the idea!

Likewise with your work partnerships and teams. Chances are your staff and partners have dominant archetypes that are very different than yours. This means that you sometimes don’t see eye-to-eye not only on financial matters but on innovation, risk taking and implementation.

Understanding your Sacred Money Archetypes allows you to maximize your and your team’s strengths while minimizing challenges. The results are more group cohesion, better work relationships and INCREASED PROFITS.

I get it… I struggled with money for years! I never seemed to know how to make enough of it or how to keep it. Learning about my unique money personality changed all that for me!

I learned how to use my innate strengths with money to manifest more abundance and I’ve never looked back…

I now get to enjoy financial freedom and the lifestyle I’ve always dreamed of!

And I’ve taught thousands of clients over the years how to use their money personality to make more money and enjoy the financial abundance they’ve dreamed of!

I want the same for you!


That’s why I created my FREE Uncover Your Money Personality & Manifest Abundance Masterclass!

In this 80-minute masterclass, you’ll:

  • 1Take a 10-minute quiz to uncover your unique money personality
  • 2Learn how to use this money personality to mine your gifts and overcome challenges to create more abundance in your life
  • 3Uncover how to get alignment with money, life, relationships and business/career

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